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The neighborhood.

Nyons is beautifully situated in the heart of the Drôme Provencale on the boundary between the lowlands and mountains.
Nyons is known for its mild climate with 300 sunny days a year.

There are excellent opportunities for relaxation in gorgeous surroundings and / or an exiting activity holiday.


The local poet Barjavel once wrote
"The only difference between Nyons and Paradise is that here we are all living."
One is even spared for the heat of the august sun because Nyons has its own quit summer breeze called Pontias, which rises in the evening, lie down in the morning and keeps the nights cool.


You will find the two biggest markets in Nyons (thursday) and (tuesday).
You can buy fine wine from the market here.

See more pictures from the market - here...


On Nyons squares there is music and party all summer through.
The Iles-sur-la-Sourges held every sunday a huge antique market. 

See more pictures from Nyons - here...


It is also worth remembering that throughout the summer, there are concerts at the arena in Orange (25 km from Nyons).


The great classical and jazz legends can be seen here.

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